NEWSLETTER | January 2013

04.01.2013 : Easy integration in automation machines of Asyrils flexible feeder

Thanks to Asycube SmartSight the integration of Asyrils flexible feeder system for small components will never have been as simple that. The components supplied as bulk good are gradually conveyed from a reservoir onto a presentation platform from where the customer’s manipulator can come and seize them. Asycube SmartSight takes care of handling the movements of the components and their optimal distribution on the presentation platform. The details of the components to be seized are provided to the robot control in the form of a list through a simple Ethernet connection. The system can be easily programmed thanks to a specific and intuitive user interface.

As shown in the picture below, Asycube SmartSight comprises an Asycube, a camera and a controller. The controller is the brain of the system. It coordinates the movements of the Asycube according to the pictures taken by the camera. As soon as it detects the components with the desired orientation, it notifies the control of the automation system in which it is integrated. The great advantage of this system is that the customer doesn’t need to think about programming the component movements.

Picture 1 : The basic components of Asycube SmartSight

A solution that can be extended according to the customers needs

Not content with just facilitating the use of the flexible feeder, Asycube SmartSight can be extended to many different uses. It can actually handle up to 4 independent cameras which make different integrations possible. One option for example, is to handle numerous Asycubes with one control system only, allowing 4 components to be distributed across small occupied surface (see picture 2). Another use-case would be to integrate one or more intermediate inspection cameras (see picture 3). In this configuration, after seizing the component, the robot moves towards the inspection camera where a picture is taken. This makes it possible, for example, to verify if the component has been gripped correctly or if it is the right component at all. Another example is to check the component position with respect to the gripper. This is typically necessary for applications requiring high positioning precision.

Picture 2 : Example of integration of Asycube SmartSight with 3 flexible distribution systems in an automation machine

Satisfied customers

The system has already been successfully integrated by many partners such as, the company AGFAR for example. “We believe very strongly in offering our customers the best solutions. In this spirit, we have worked with Asyril on the integration of Asycube SmartSight in our automation machines. This has enabled us to offer an innovative solution for small component distribution coupled with our solid know-how in the development of special machines for watchmaking industry" underlines Hansueli Lanz, CEO of AGFAR.

Great potential
There has already been considerable interest in Asycube SmartSight as our partners don't delay in taking advantage of this completely new technology. Contact us as soon as possible to let us know your ideas and needs. We will be pleased to offer you full satisfaction.