Integration Examples of Asyril Products

Asyril's products enable innovative part feeding solutions that have proven intelligent and future-proof in various customer applications. Our technology is regularly employed by customers ranging from precision mechanics and watchmaking, medtech and laboratory automation, as well as semiconductors and electronics.

Continuous flexible feeding using Epson robot and two Asycube 240 vibrating part presentation platforms

The Robo-Flex P flexible feeding and assembly cell by Asyril’s partner RNA Automation shows how a continuous, fixed-tact assembly system can be realized without the need for a buffer using two Asycube 240 platforms in parallel. The modular system moreover features integrated hopper- and platform purge options, allowing for quick part changeover. All components are controlled using a Beckhoff PLC featuring an an intuitive HMI interface.

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Demo Cell: 4-axis Fanuc Delta M-1iA Robot picks Mixed Components from Asycube 240 Robotic Parts Feeder

A Fanuc robot distributor in Europe developed his own exhibition- and customer demo cell with the ASYRIL flexible feeding platform “Asycube 240” and the Fanuc Delta M-1iA delta robot. The 4-axis equipped Delta Robot is known for its speed and optional available with up to six axes. The customer feedback Fanuc received after presenting their demo-cell to several customers greatly exceeded their expectations.

Major features shown in the demo-cell are as follows:

  1. Fanuc high-speed Delta Robot M-1iA with 4 axis with up to 0,5 kg payload.
  2. Fanuc iRVision system used to detect the correctly oriented parts on the pick-surface of the Asycube 240 vibration platform with integrated backlight and transfers the corresponding coordinates of the part selected to be picked to the robot controller.
  3. Two parts are fed at the same time on a single Asycube platform with a flat vibrating plate in order to reduce the total cost of the feeding system. ASYRIL’s SmartSight Visual Part Detection System also offers the possibility to feed multiple parts simultaneously from a single Asycube feeder.
  4. Both parts are picked by the same vacuum gripper and are placed in the desired position in the fixture.
  5. Easy and fast system integration and start-up thanks to the existing Fanuc communication plug-in, available from any official Fanuc dealer.

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Zorn Maschinenbau / Mitsubishi Robot Lego Demo Asycube 240
This trade show demonstrator by Asyril's partner system integrator ZORN Maschinenbau (Germany) shows a highly flexible assembly and inspection cell as typical in the medical devices and electronics industries.

Various assemblies can be realized in this highly unique setup using an Asycube 240 3-axis vibration platform mounted on a linear axis in front of six hoppers containing various bulk parts. The camera is controlled by Asyril's SmartSight part detection and feeder control system and equally moves along the linear track to always remain above the Asycube 240 platform.

An automatic purge function using a downward-sliding door on one side of the vibrating platform allows the cell to run continuously through many shifts as well as completely unattended overnight. The pick & place cycle is realized using a Mitsubishi robot, which also serves the inspection camera depending on the part requirements. The entire cell is controlled and monitored using a Siemens PLC.

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Precision Machine tending using Asyfeed Pocket Module
This application success video shows how the Swiss watch part supplier Affolter SA used Asyril's Asyfeed Pocket Module to update the highly precise part loading / machine tending process of a traditional polishing machine. As a result, the production flexibility greatly increased and the worker motivation on the factory floor was lifted due to the modernised working environment.

  1. The parts to be polished are fed as bulk into the hopper of the "Asycube 50" robotic parts feeder integrated in the Asyfeed Pocket Module.
  2. Thanks to Asyril's 3-axis vibration technology, the parts are quickly separated and pre-oriented on the vibration platform of the "Asycube 50".
  3. Illuminated by backlight, the vision system detects the correctly oriented parts and sends the part coordinates to the Module's built-in, highly precise delta robot
  4. The robot picks and places the parts in the loading fixture of polishing machine
  5. Once the processing operation is finished, the robot removes the part and the cycle restarts with the next part.

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Watch Part Pick & Place : Asycube 240 by Sileane Fanuc LR Mate
This application by our partner system integrator Sileane (France) shows how small "hanger" watch parts of approximate size 10mm x 3mm are gently separated and evenly distributed on the Asycube 240 vibrating platform. The parts need to be hanged via a small borehole on a hook rack for surface processing, requiring a complex robot movement.

  1. The parts are fed on the Asycube system using a flat plate and the vibrations are tuned in order to not damage the parts
  2. A 5-megapixel proprietary Rovaldi vision system detects the parts on the Asycube surface, sending the exact coordinates as well as angular orientation to the Fanuc LR Mate robot. Similar applications have also been realized using the Stäubli TX 60 robot.
  3. The robot picks and places/hangs the parts for further processing on a galvanizing magazine featuring small hooks whose exact location is detected by a 3D vision system with a precision of 0.1mm.

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Smartsight & Stäubli TX60 Robot / Disc Inspection on Asycube 240
This trade show demonstrator by Asyril's partner CPAutomation (Switzerland) shows the flexible assembly and inspection of flat coin-shaped parts using an Asycube 240vibrating platform combined with Asyril's SmartSight visual part detection and feeder control system and a Stäubli robot for the part handling.

  1. The part is fed from the hopper onto the plate of the Asycube 240 system, which distributes them evenly on the surface using Asyril's patented 3-axis vibration technology with a flat plate and integrated red backlight.
  2. The parts with the correct side facing upwards are picked and placed in front of the ViDi Systems inspection system using Stäubli's TX60 6-axis robot.
    The good and bad parts are stored and assembled accordingly.

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Flexible Contact Assembly : Two Asycube Feeders by Fanuc M1ia Robot

This trade show demonstrator by Asyril's partner FANUC Robotics shows how electronic connectors are being assembled highly flexibly using two Asycube 3-axis vibration platforms.

  1. The connector casing is fed on the Asycube 240 system using a flat plate and integrated red backlight.
  2. The parts with the correct side facing upwards are picked and placed using the FANUC M1iA very fast delta robot.
  3. The connector pins are fed and pre-oriented vertically with the larger diameter on top on the Asycube 80 system featuring conical holes on its plate.
  4. Similar to the case, the correctly oriented connector pins are detected using Fanuc's iRVision optical part detection system prior to being inserted in sets of five into the final assembly.

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Denso VS-050 / Klain Robotics Diamonds Pick Place on Asycube 50  
This trade show demonstrator by Asyril's partner KLAIN Robotics (Italy) shows how an application from the luxury goods industry. Tiny and fragile diamond-shaped strass stones are being assembled very gently and flexibly using an Asycube 50 3-axis vibration platform.

  1. The stones are fed on the Asycube system using a structured plate with conical holes matching the tip angle of the diamond.
  2. The correctly oriented parts are detected using a Matrox Iris GT Vision system (controlled directly by the Denso robot controller).
  3. The parts with the table side facing upwards are picked using a DENSO VS-050 robot and placed onto a belt knuckle, yet many other fashion products such as jewellery and glasses are equally feasible for this task.

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Precision Feeding and Assembly of Small Gear Wheels using Multiple Asycube 80 vibrating feeding Platforms / by SMS Spinnler
The combination of SMS Spinnler system building know-how and Asyril’s high performance feeding components is a great fit for operations such as force fitting, flanging, crimping, riveting, marking, sorting and assembly of small parts.

  1. Automatic feeding of small parts, axes and gear wheel/pinion from the bunker using multiple Asycube 80 vibrating parts feeding platforms.
  2. Both parts are picked in the correct orientation using a vacuum gripper before placing and pressing/force fitting them into the work holding fixture, simultaneously flanging them on the peripheral.
  3. The force- and travel distances of the SMS Spinnler mounting axis are monitored with highest precision of up to 0.002mm and up to 750N.
  4.  Following a 100% quality inspection including documentation, the good parts are rapidly unloaded and palletised using the vacuum gripper.

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Granulate dosing Application of a Medical Product using six Asycube 80

Swiss system integrator uses six Asycube 80 in an innovative granulate dosing application of a medical product.The Swiss system integrator Zaugg Maschinenbau created an innovative application with Asyril’s flexible feeding platform Asycube 80. Because they could not find a dedicated product for the precise feeding of 3 different types of granulated material for a medical assembly line, they decided to make extensive trials with the Asycube 80 flexible feeding system which proved highly successful.

The trials in their laboratory lead to the unique design of the partially covered vibrating platform controlled by the vision system as it can be seen in the video. The achieved precision is under 3% which was a request by the manufacturer of the medical product. The weight of the filled granules is controlled by high precision scales made by Mettler Toledo. The complete linear assembly line consists - besides many other stations - of six Asycube 80 feeding systems. Two products are filled simultaneously with three different granulate materials.

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Flexible Assembly Process using an Asycube 240 and a UR5 robot
The LIAA collaborative workcell by Asyril’s partner Teknologisk Institut (Denmark) demonstrates a collaborative and reconfigurable assembly process, where the Asycube 240 presents to the robot 4 different small elements to pick, in order to assemble radial-axial bearings produced by the Slovakian company Spinea.

  1. The different elements are fed on the Asycube 240 unit using a flat plate and integrated white backlight.
  2. The different elements are detected thanks to an advanced vision system, based on a tool mounted camera and a stationary camera, and algorithms implemented by the commercial vision framework Halcon. Different vibration patterns from the Asycube 240 are used to center and flip the elements using Asyril’s 3-axis vibration technology.
  3. The components detected as being reachable and in the right orientation are picked by a Universal Robots UR5 robot arm using a vacuum-powered flexible multi-gripper.
  4. The whole assembly process, including the communication with the vision system, the communication with the Asycube 240 and the robot motion planning, is implemented thanks to the CoWorker framework, developed by Teknologisk Institut Denmark.

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