Asyril SA

Asyril SA, experts in flexible feeding systems

Asyril develops, produces and markets high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1 up to 150 mm in size. Our unique patented 3-axis vibration technology and intelligent vision system are easy to integrate and allow for optimized speed, accuracy and flexibility.

Asyril's key competencies and extensive know-how encompass all three sub-domains of modern part feeding systems: vibration technology, industrial vision and precision robotics.

The Asyril Asycube Series is compatible with all kinds of parts, and can perfectly handle complex geometries as well as highly delicate parts. Our technology has enabled key industry players in Europe, America and Asia gain competitive advantage and a fast return on investment.

With our innovative mindset we continuously prepare for the next generation automation challenges.

Asyril SA, a Swiss company, was founded in 2007 and is member of the Nivalis Group.


Our vision is to deliver the world's most advanced part feeding components, integrated feeding modules as well as high-performance feeding, sorting and palletizing systems.


Asyril is constantly striving to apply its many years of expertise in the fields of vibration technology, industrial vision and precision robotics to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. We are driven by creativity and innovation which we cultivate through teamwork and strong interaction with our worldwide network of partners and customers.


Creativity and innovation are best achieved when highly motivated, open-minded people are collaborating in close partnership. Asyril puts high importance on the quality of its staff. We pride ourselves by hiring only A-level engineers and technicians with a strong desire to exceed our customer's expectations. Entrepreneurship and customer-focus are key for all people working at Asyril.


The development of state of the art manufacturing automation components requires close cooperation with a select group of partners in many different technological fields. For this reason, Asyril is constantly working together with its partners around the world in various research areas to further advance our products for the benefit of our customers.

Potential future partners, including system integrators, regional distributors, automation solution centers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) interested in our products are encouraged to contact us.