Purge platforms for the Asycube 240


When changing production, it is necessary to be able to change over quickly to a different series. The purge option allows you to easily switch from the production of product "A" to product "B". The Asycube 240 now also has this option!



To benefit from this option, all you need to do is order a purge platform and an actuator kit in addition to your Asycube.

As with the Asycube 380 and 530, you can choose whether you want to feed on the right or on the left. If you already own an Asycube 240, you can order only the purge platform and the actuator kit and contact Asyril support team to update your Asycube firmware.

You can find all technical information in different manuals on the product page.


Different uses of the product

Reduce changeover time:

  • Quick platform emptying
  • Avoids handling of parts

Avoid operator intervention during production:

  • After the "Pick&Place" of all good parts, evacuate the non-recoverable parts automatically (cutting of waste, tangled parts ...)

Product presentation

There are different purge platforms;left opening and right opening. A metal spout to guide the parts to the receiving area is also included. An electric motor has been integrated to allow the system to operate autonomously once connected to the Asycube.