Asyril showcases purge platforms at Robotics and Automation 2021


Asyril, a Switzerland-headquartered developer of flexible feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1mm up to 150mm in size, is showcasing its range of purge platforms for the company’s Asycube 240 feeder model at this year’s Robotics and Automation exhibition.

As visitors are discovering, the purge option is designed to enable users to easily switch from the production of product ‘A’ to product ‘B’.  The Asycube 240, which is suitable for feeding components from 5mm to 40mm for flat and cube-like parts, and up to 50mm for long parts such as pins and needles, now also has this option.


Customers can order a purge platform and an actuator kit in addition to the Asycube 240, enabling quick platform emptying while avoiding handling of parts.

Additionally, the purge platform eliminates the need for operator intervention during production. After the pick-and-place of all good parts, any non-recoverable parts are automatically evacuated, reducing waste and avoiding tangled parts.

Furthermore, there are different purge platforms; left opening and right opening. A metal spout to guide the parts to the receiving area is also included. An electric motor has also been integrated to allow the system to operate autonomously once connected to the Asycube.