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13.04.2016 : Part feeding leaders RNA & Asyril announce strategic partnership

RNA and Asyril cooperate in the development and sales of Flexible Part Feeding Systems and Vibration Platforms
Rhein-Nadel Automation GmbH and Asyril SA have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to develop and deliver complete, innovative part feeding solutions to RNA’s extensive client base throughout Europe.

RNA will incorporate Asyril’s products and technology into its line of industrial automation components as well as custom machine building division in order to complete its product line of flexible feeding systems and provide a complete automation solution for its customers based on Asyril’s vibration platforms. Asyril’s family of Asycube flexible feeding platforms will be sold together with an industrial vision system and an industrial robot as part of RNA’s  flexible feeding systems program. Furthermore, RNA has developed and will market a new flexible feeding system based on Asyril’s platform technology by the name of ROBO-FLEX P, which will be presented for the first time at the Automatica trade show in June in Munich. The new system consists of two independent single vibration platforms activated by a central robot, so that one installation can always presort the workpieces for a quicker pick-off rate, reaching up to 100 parts per minute. Asyril’s 3-axis vibration technology can handle bulk parts of any geometry and allows for extremely gentle part feeding of even the most complex part shapes and delicate materials. The standardized feeding systems allow for minimal production changeover times, all while being easily integrated with any major industrial robot brand. Moreover, many parts can be pre-oriented with the help of specially structured plates featuring holes, grooves or nests to support the parts in the desired pose.

"We are glad to have found a competent partner with Asyril, the leading enterprise in the field of flexible feeding platforms, who will round off our product range and complete our line of flexible feeding systems. As a consequence, it will be possible in the future for us to offer  turnkey solutions for customers that will quickly deliver significant results," said Jack Grevenstein, Managing Director of RNA. "Both companies are leaders in their markets and complement each other excellently with their products and technical know-how. By developing common products and marketing each other’s product range, we are able to open up more fields and markets. Asyril offers the best platform technology in terms of part compatibility, feeding performance and reliability," added Christopher Pavel, Managing Partner of RNA.

“Asyril’s extensive know-how and experience in the fields of vibration technology, industrial vision and precision robotics has allowed us to develop the most innovative and efficient flexible feeding systems on the market,” said Dr. Alain Codourey, CEO of Asyril. “RNA shares our vision that flexible feeding systems are a big part of the future of manufacturing. With RNA we will now be able to offer complete flexible feeding system solutions. We are thrilled to be collaborating with RNA, further improving the customer experience provided by both companies. Flexible automation systems generate a big competitive advantage for manufacturers everywhere.”

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About Asyril
Asyril SA, the technology leader of flexible feeding systems based on its patented 3-axis vibration technology is headquartered in Villaz-St-Pierre, Switzerland. The company offers high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from <0.1 up to 50mm in size. Its innovative technology can handle bulk parts of any geometry and allows for extremely gentle part feeding. Asyril’s products and systems are key components for today's and tomorrow’s automation challenges in the context of industry 4.0.

About RNA
Rhein-Nadel Automation GmbH (RNA), market leader in the field of feeding systems technology, is a traditional family-owned enterprise that has its head office in Aachen. With seven production locations and an international network of partners, RNA supports and services its clients worldwide. For many decades, the name RNA has stood for top-class performance regarding technology, quality and reliability. RNA’s core competence represents the correctly oriented feeding of workpieces in the automation process. The two business segments are the development and manufacturing of complete custom-made feeding systems and their corresponding components. At the same time, the continuous process of improvement and innovation always has priority. That way, RNA can also sort complicated parts at a high speed and in a large number of units and feed them to the production process.