Asyril Newsletter 5/2017

18.07.2017 : New Product Release Asycube 530 | Innovative Application Example | Upcoming Product Training


Newsletter July 2017

  • New Product Release: Asycube 530
  • Innovative Application: 2 Parts on 1 Feeder
  • Company Updates & Upcoming Events

Product News & Updates

The first production series of our newest, largest member of the Asycube robotic parts feeder product family, the Asycube 530, is ready for shipment starting in August. The Asycube 530 is based on Asyril’s 3-axis vibration technology and capable of feeding and separating parts up to 150 mm part size. Key customer benefits are:

  • High performance parts feeding: fastest possible cycle times and quick production changeover
  • Systematic part orientation can be achieved with intelligently structured
    platforms (grooves, holes, nests, various materials)
  • Compatible with all part geometries - including complex geometries and delicate materials

Asycube 240

Innovative Automation Application: 2 Parts on 1 Asycube Feeder

A Fanuc robot distributor in Europe developed his own exhibition- and customer demo cell with Asyril's robotic parts feeder Asycube 240 and Fanuc's M-1iA delta robot. The customer feedback Fanuc received after presenting their demo cell to several customers greatly exceeded their expectations. The full description and video of the demo cell can be found on our  Applications website.

Upcoming Event: Asyril Product Training September 2017

Asyril's next technical product training event for system integrators and end users seeking to learn how to integrate our products quickly and effectively will be held from September 26-28th, 2017.

The two first days will be about the Asycube Flexible Feeders and SmartSight Visual Part Detection System and a third optional day will be possible about the Asyfeed Pocket Module. For more information visit the following links:

Training Program Agenda (PDF)

Asycube, SmartSight & Asyfeed Module Product Training Registration

Picto PDF

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