Delta Robot

Delta Robot

The PocketDelta Robot comprises a parallel Delta-structure especially well suited for fast and precise handling and assembly of small components. The reduced weight in motion and the well engineered mechanics and direct drive motors increase considerably the robots performance in speed, repeatability and precision.



up to 2 pick-and-place movements per second

Repeatability ±3 μm [3σ]

Typical load weight 20 g

3 degrees of freedom



Ø 150 mm in xy

27 mm in z-direction


pdf file format symbol  Datasheet PocketDelta

pdf file format symbol  Unpacking Instructions

pdf file format symbol  Operating Manual

pdf file format symbol  Programming Guide - ARL

pdf file format symbol  Programming Guide

Module Asyfeed Pocket


General characteristics

  • Communication via TCP/IP
  • Integrated controls
  • Web-based interface
  • Integrated in Asyril's Flexible Feeding Module and Workstation