Asyfeed Cell - Integrated Flexible Feeding Workstation

Asyfeed Cell - Integrated Flexible Feeding Workstation

Asyril's integrated flexible palettizing station is a compact tabletop-system for the fast and precise sorting, palletizing and assembly of small parts from

Module Asyfeed Pocket

General characteristics

PC-based control

Automatic calibration

Intuitive and interactive
touch-screen user-interface

Overall Size

850 x 900 x 900 mm


pdf file format symbol  Datasheet Asyfeed Cell 

pdf file format symbol  HMI User Guide

pdf file format symbol  Operating Manual

pdf file format symbol  Programming Guide - ARL

3D / CAD

cad file format  Parasolid


videos cellule asyfeed

The workstation incorporates a complete Asyfeed Pocket Module as well as fully configurable process working space that can be equipped with various client-specific elements. Typical cell configurations contain for example different part trays, pallets or tubes, a rotary indexing table or a second camera for quality control/inspection of the parts.

Asyril's intuitive Feeder Control Center Software allows for fast setup and changeover times, multi-user capability, as well as GUI-based programming and configuration of the system for new parts.


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