SmartSight - Visual part detection system for Asycube feeders

SmartSight describes Asyril’s intelligent optical part detection and image processing system, ensuring straightforward integration of any Asycube vibrating platform with any industrial robot brand.

SmartSight advantages

  • Fast integration : direct output of part coordinates to the robot, fully automatic control of feeder vibrations and part detection

  • Quick setup and reduced development times : get started immediately on your application

  • Attractive, highly competitive system costs as up to 4 cameras and Asycube feeders can be controlled with a single SmartSight control unit

  • Software based on market standard : proven industrial vision library (PatMax / COGNEX)

  • Intuitive teaching and configuration with Asyril’s control software

  • Compatible with any Asycube vibrating platform

  • Simple integration with 3rd Party Automation Systems

How it works

Schema Smartsight
  1. Homogeneous separation and orientation of parts
  2. Detection of correctly oriented parts by the SmartSight system
  3. Part pick from platform and assembly by robot

General features

  • Compatible with all component geometries
  • Detect component position and orientation (X, Y, Rz, pitch-and-toss)
  • Simple recipe changeover and new parts programming
  • Integrated calibration procedure
  • Power supply : 24 V
  • Communication : TCP / IP


  • Connect and control up to 4 Asycube feeders & cameras with a single control unit
  • Alternative camera configurations (control part presence, position in gripper, deposition)
  • Camera: standard resolution (1.4 Mpx) / high resolution (5 Mpx)
  • Coaxial frontlight (backlight integrated in Asycube feeding platform)
  • Calibration plates for optics and robot

SmartSight comprises Asyril’s powerful visual part detection software, an industrial control PC as well as an optimally configured vision kit including camera, objective and all necessary cabling, SmartSight makes the implementation of high performance flexible feeding systems as simple as setting up conventional feeders.

Capable of controlling up to 4 cameras and feeders, SmartSight autonomously controls the part movements, ensuring optimal part separation and distribution on the platform. The location of the parts to be picked is provided to the robot via Ethernet. The system can be easily programmed thanks to an intuitive user interface.

              SmartSight Working Distance

Working distances

  Standard Resolution (1.4 Mpx)      High Resolution (5 Mpx)
   Close Distance Large Distance   Close Distance Large Distance
Asycube 240 cad file format 490 mm cad file format 790 mm   cad file format 580 mm cad file format 830 mm
Asycube 80 cad file format 400 mm cad file format 830 mm   cad file format 420 mm cad file format 790 mm
Asycube 50 cad file format 270 mm cad file format 560 mm   cad file format 300 mm cad file format 560 mm
Asycube 50 small field of view       cad file format 380 mm