Rockwell Plugin for Asycube and EtherNET/IP Gateway

The Asycube Plugin for Rockwell PLC over EtherNet/IP Gateway guarantees a seamless and fast integration of all the Asycube range in conjunction with Rockwell PLC.

  • Multiple Asycube can be controlled by a Rockwell PLC.
  • Quick installation of a new Asycube in Studio 5000 environment.
  • Add-On instructions allow a straightforward and efficient integration.
  • Detailed user manual  describes in details plugin installation and Add-On instructions.
  • Pre-configured EtherNet/IP Gateway is delivered directly by Asyril or by your local distributor.
  • Each Asycube must have its own Gateway.

Important : In order to use the plugin, a preconfigured Gateway delivered by  Asyril is needed. Please contact us for further information about the preconfigured Gateways.
To download the free of charge Rockwell plugin for Asycube and EtherNet/IP Gateway, please fill in the form below.

  • On Asyril side:
    • Asycube models : Asycubes 50, 80, 240, 380 and 530
    • Asycube EtherNet/IP configurated Gateway is needed

  • On Rockwell side:
    • Studio 5000 31.00.01 or higher