15.02.2019 : Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

Tokyo (SCCIJ) – Asyril SA from the French part of Switzerland, a young and innovative Swiss robot maker, has entered the Japanese market within a year of its first appearance at the robot fair iREX held in November 2017. Hence, Asyril delivers another living proof that a small Swiss company can easily succeed in Japan. The secrets of its quick market penetration can be found in a number of matching Japanese distributors and the support of the Swiss-Japanese boutique business developer Euro-Far East led by long-time SCCIJ member Robert Champoud. Most recently, Asyril participated in two other fairs in Japan. As a next step, it is considering to set up a service center for its Japan customers.

16.10.2018 : Handling

Der zweite Platz in der Kategorie Komponenten für Handhabung und Montage ging an Asyril. Das Unternehmen zeigt ein Zuführsystem mit patentierter Drei-Achsen-Vibrationstechnologie für eine flexible Kleinteilezuführung.

15.10.2018 : Handling

Das neue URCaps-Plug-In von Asyril ist jetzt auf der Universal Robots+ Solutions-Plattform verfügbar. Das erleichtert eine nahtlose und schnelle Integration aller Asycube-Produkte mit jedem Universal-Roboter.

24.09.2018 : Industrie Anzeiger

Zuführsysteme | Die Asycube-Serie von Asyril (Halle 4, Stand 4425) bietet eine optimale Flächenverteilung von Schüttgut sowie eine schnelle und schonende Vorausrichtung der Komponenten.

17.09.2018 : MaschinenMarkt

Flexible Zuführsysteme können die optimale Flächenverteilung von Schüttgut und eine schnelle Vorausrichtung von Teilen gewährleisten.

01.08.2018 :

Asyril, experts in flexible feeding systems, develops, produces and markets high performance flexible feeding systems for parts and components from 0.1 up to 150 mm in size. Their award-winning Asycube Series, designed for optimal surface distribution of bulk parts and precise part detection, is compatible with all kinds of parts, including highly delicate parts and complex geometries.

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14.07.2018 :

13. July 2018 – Asyril SA Announces the Launch of its URCaps Plug-in on the Universal Robots + Solutions Platform

Asyril's URCaps Plug-in The Robots + Solutions platform enables integration of any Asycube with any Universal Robot. The control menus can be accessed directly via the programming device.

13.07.2018 :

The company launches its URCap for seamless Universal Robots integration

Asyril SA announces the go-live of their URCaps plugin on the Universal Robots+ Solutions platform.

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13.07.2018 :

July 13, 2018 - Asyril SA announced the go-live of their URCaps plugin on the Universal Robots+ Solutions platform.

Asyril’s URCaps plugin, available on the Universal Robots+ Solutions platform, enables integration of any Asycube in conjunction with any Universal Robot. The control menus are directly accessible from the teach pendant.

The Asyril URCap development marks a new phase in the long-term partnership between the collaborative robots manufacturer Universal Robots and Asyril.

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